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Essential Winter Maintenance

The nip in the air and the chill in the breeze is here; cold days and colder nights are approaching! The winter season is a time to sit by the fire with your loved ones to make the season warmer. While most of us have stocked up on the latest fashion coats, sweaters, jackets and mufflers, there is more to winter maintenance. Preparing your house is as important as preparing your wardrobe!

Cold water is probably the greatest and worst fear for all! We require running water all through the day and it can be a nightmare to work with cold water in winters- next to impossible in fact! The boiler/ heating service in our houses goes ignored during the long and happy summer months. This means, come winter and you need to get a professional boiler service to ensure a warm and comfortable season. Instead of inconveniencing yourself during winter, it’s best to prepare in time and be ready to brace the cold. Central Scotland can be harsh and merciless in winters and you need to be a step ahead!

PlumbSpares Plumbing and Heating Services is at your beck and call! Based out of Falkirk, they extend their professional services to Central Scotland and surrounding areas. A thorough and expert boiler service from PlumbSpares is sure to make this winter a great one! With an experienced staff and quality services, PlumbSpares has built a reputation of trust with its customers over many years. Heating and Boiler Service are two of the many services they provide.


    • Avoid Winter Breakdowns by scheduling a boiler service before winter sets in. This will save you a lot of time and efforts, making you fully prepared for the winter.

Get Increased Efficiency from your Heating Service by getting a complete check up and maintenance routine.

An Increased Lifespan for your Boiler/Heating service is the result of proper and timely maintenance.

Winter Maintenance is essential for all of us. With busy working schedules and hectic lifestyles, issues like a dysfunctional boiler/ heating service can completely disrupt our routine. So plan a service well before time to avoid such a situation. Your house needs preparation for winters and the heating service must be top priority as your entire day depends upon it! PlumbSpares is professional, cost efficient and time saving! Schedule an appointment today and make this winter a happy winter! Winter is coming… brace yourself!